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I wish I were a vampire so I could stay up all night long

Today has been somewhat productive. We managed to finally drag out of bed at the not-too-unreasonable time of 8:30 or so (Barb had been up to give Sam his shot, but came back to bed), then I cleaned up the porch while she mowed the lawn. I found only empty webs, empty egg sacs, and two dying mothers. Everyone go re-read Charlotte's Web now.

Then I cleaned the kitchen, made tzatziki, filled the hummingbird feeder, then watched Milk, which is a seriously powerful film -- and it's frightening to see the actual news footage of Walter Cronkite reporting on things which are happening TODAY to the gay community. Things haven't changed much, if at all, since 1978. It's freaking scary.

I may have been as surprised as Kristin Chenoweth herself was when she won for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy here this evening (I'm watching the Emmys largely because Neil Patrick Harris is hosting; I didn't expect anything I actually like to win, so it was a shocker to see that. Certainly Neil himself didn't win, and neither did the hugely deserving Jim Parsons). I did not find Seth McFarlane's skit humorous at all. Now they've moved on to Reality shows, but I find thoroughly meh, since I don't watch any of them.

I was looking around for pictures of ravens to make icons and found this one:

I'd never seen white ravens before, but apparently it's happened quite a bit. There were several sightings, pictures, and stories about them.

I have jury duty tomorrow, and it's not even at the Phoenix main city hall, it's some little court, so I don't get the big comfortable jury room with the television (DVD movies) and the snack room. I've never been to the one on Third Avenue.

I HATE working in Word. I mean, I never liked it much, but now I REALLY hate it. The version of Office that came with Jonathan here is the one we have at work; I use it occasionally at work but never for actual writing. Trying to use it here at home is making me CRAZY. It's so horribly helpful and so thoroughly CRAPPY. I'm trying to save a document as an rtf and it keeps telling me that the formatting isn't supported (although it's an rtc document that's been edited in earlier editions of Word) and saving in a text format will "destroy any formatting." *sigh* I suppose I ought to see if my new, lovely, WordPerfect (which still looks, and acts, like a word processing program and not an X-Box game) will actually handle these files; the reason I do this in Word to begin with is that some of the folks in my writing group use REALLY freaky formatting which would freeze WP and my old system.

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