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I wish I were Bob Dylan so I could write a bunch of hit songs

This afternoon I crossed our very messy porch to get to the faucet to water the limper areas (the grass is so badly overgrown I had to search for the sprinkler this morning by following the hose), and the afternoon sun was angling across the porch furniture, which is decorated by a lot of shiny, messy Black Widow webs. I noticed one of these webs appeared to have caught a lot of little burr seeds or something in it, so on the way back I looked closer and saw about two dozen (or more) teeny, tiny baby spiders, kind of glowing prettily in the rays of the sun. They were very cute and interesting, and I was intrigued despite the practical, homeowner part of my head that said, "Those are baby black widows, which will grow up into big-girl borderline dangerous black widows and should be gotten rid of while we can do so easily." (Mostly I ignore spiders as long as they stay outside and away from the doors and windows. After all, they eat other bugs.)

I have WordPerfect again. Life is good.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

My sinuses have been KILLING me lately. I hate having to take so much allergy medicine. *sniff*

The only trouble with baking a cake is I then EAT it, but I finally got back in the gym. (And, knock wood, dropped to 161 pounds this week! Woot!)

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