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There's a lot of broken dreams

But not here!

I am typing this from my brand-new, fresh out of the box, not-yet-fully-loaded laptop, an HP Pavilion with 4 gigs of RAM, a 2.10 GHz processor, 320 gig hard drive, the Windows Media package, came with Windows Office, DVD-RW, top-grade wireless, and he's PRETTY, too. I have named him Jonathan Strange. (I had initially chosen one with a slightly larger hard drive, but it had a different wireless connection, which is why I didn't buy last night and waited until today when Barb, my computer expert, could come with me and help me Choose Wisely.) I financed with the Buy More, who are currently having an 18-months No Interest deal; I should have it paid off by then no trouble!

Since he's also a 64-bit processor, I have to see how much of my old software will actually work on him, which includes WordPerfect and Photoshop. We shall see. But I have all of Mozilla downloaded, Office installed, and have been copying stuff from the old computer. Have to also figure out if I can move my iTunes playlists over, since I don't want to rebuild them AGAIN, as I had to do when the old desktop died.

I also have to get used to this SUPER SENSITIVE touch pad. I'm finding myself changing windows and doing things when I'm not expecting them.

He DID, of course, come with Vista, but with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when that comes out next month.

I'm mostly concerned about WordPerfect, and, naturally, ALL my writing; a problem when so much is written in older programs when newer programs may not be compatible. Of course, some stuff is saved in .txt files, so they should be all right, but the older WP files I may have to fight with. (Certainly with only Word here; I've been working almost exclusively in WP since we got our own laser printer.)

In other news, I finished knotting a string of pearls and I did a Very Good Job, if I do say so myself. I'm sorry the only knotting cord I could find was white, which doesn't go very wel with the grey pearls, but I did it and the next one will have even fewer mistakes! *g*

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

Yesterday we went out to Tempe and ate an enormous amount of dim sum at the Phoenix Palace, so much so I wasn't really hungry until lunch time today - everything was so delicious it defies description. And it's fun going with framefolly, who introduced us to some new and different dishes! Yum! As a plus, it was reasonably priced; the five of us polished off a ton of food, brought a lot home for the ailing Barb (who is better today and got to try some of it!), and it came to less than $70. Can't wait to go again!

Now back to playing with my new toy.

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