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I'm in the wrong place to grab song lyrics for a title

I was updating the iPod, so my computer was in here on the desk instead of out at the TV with me. Naturally, this meant there was a freakin' buttload of stuff being posted on my f-list. Also, for some reason, I can't turn the sound on here anymore unless I turn it on FIRST, then open programs, so I can't listen to the new Craig Ferguson opening (and I haven't watched anything on DVR since last week).

I didn't take any shots of it with the lid closed because I'm still attempting the organization of my stuff -- and I hope to have the stereo on a REAL stand (and off the plastic boxes) sooner or later.

I'm teaching myself (with some help from some nifty video tutorials online) how to knot pearls. Now I just need some good thread (I'm going to try it without the fancy knotting tool, first; then we'll see).
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