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Till this restless heart comes wandering back to you

I've been meaning to post for days. Instead, I've been simply and totally vegging out, so tired I can't even think straight. Although I did manage to whip up some very good scallops and rice Tuesday night for dinner; then I somehow missed getting updated on my Friend's page so now I'm woefully behind (honest, I'm not ignoring anyone).

Yesterday morning as I was pulling out of the driveway, I saw the spread of magnificent wings right across the street as a smallish hawk swooped down and landed on the wire. I got a VERY good view of him -- and going by what I could find on the very fabulous whatbird.com, it was a rough legged hawk, somewhat south of its normal range, but nifty!

And I love this site. I could spend hours here. I need to try and find that strange bird I saw in the Caribbean last year (no luck yet -- it was a strange, strange looking thing; the closest I can find here is the Magnificent Frigatebird, but I don't think so).


We're going to head over to Mesa here soon and see a desk. We trekked out to Mesa last weekend for the same purpose, but it was insufficient (no file drawer, and somewhat crappier than it looked in the picture). I really wish I'd had the money to get the very nice one at J&B's Furniture -- but I didn't, so I have to LET IT GO.

I also need to do a few reviews. Urg.

It's still killer hot in Phoenix, and apparently going to stay that way awhile. Urg, again. Maybe that's why I'm so wiped out. I went to bed before 9 on Tuesday, couldn't get up Wednesday (dragged myself up with about fifteen minutes to get dressed for work), then 9:30 last night and DID get in a workout this morning.

I already want to sleep again. So tired...

My cat is sitting by me with his head pressed against my arm. He is very strange sometimes.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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