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The only thing I can figure out about chocolate truffles being so expensive is the liquor ones, 'cause yeah, the alcohol can get pricey. But really, truffles are so easy to make (even here in the Valley of the Hot) that it can't be labor. I made my second batch of truffles last night and these ones are even better than the last ones -- they set up better and have a much finer texture (I measured my chocolate a little better). This time, they're flavored with Grand Marnier. Oh, yeah, they're good. (And I'm not just patting my own back.) I think I'll play more with them when the weather cools down again -- from here on, it's officially far too hot to make candy in Phoenix. It didn't hit 100 today, apparently, but it's expected to tomorrow.

Anyway, they may end up being a lot of Christmas presents this year. :)

I actually did manage to finish writing the scene I set out to finish. It's not perfect, but it's DONE. Whew.

Damn, I'm either getting really wussy or something, but MAN, it's HOT. :P
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