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Till the day I'm returning

I know what I really need: One of those sonic jewelry cleaner thingies (provided they really work), since I waste a good amount of many a morning cleaning my silver jewelry to wear it that day. I don't have enough jewelry box space to keep all the silver in tarnish-free conditions, and I like having my chains hanging on the racks where I see them and can get to them quickly when I'm getting ready in a great hurry in the morning.

I have had numerous body aches from all the furniture moving, cleaning, spackling, scraping, scrubbing, painting, boxing, carrying, etc., that has been going on around here since last Sunday. Barb and I took two days off and got the office room shaped into an office, but all my things are in boxes in stacks, and that has made me cranky. I need to find a nice little desk that'll fit in the allotted space (about 44-48 inches long) with maybe a little hutch that has some space to put reference books, and possibly three drawers -- two small, one file-size -- and that's all I ask. I don't want something large that would encourage me to continue pack-ratting, but I want enough space to keep what I want to keep, with a nice little slot to keep upcoming bills filed in so I know where they are and when they're due (like, for example, a doctor's bill I got for a small amount insurance didn't cover, but I keep forgetting about it because it's not in my Bill Slot... which isn't there anymore since we threw all that stuff away). I want a place for my stuff. I feel very unsettled.

Craigslist is not being very helpful, although there are a few okay specimens.

I did throw away a LOT of stuff (or it's boxed for Goodwill and blocking the foyer, meaning we have to go around into the living room and back to get to the dining room from the front door). I knuckled down and tossed a lot of old video tapes, many of which I've replaced on DVD or plan to eventually replace. I need to see if the old "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" (the cartoon) is available on DVD; I found some old tapes with several episodes recorded. It was very fun, and if I recall correctly, the entire original cast voiced it, but didn't last very long.

The bedroom looks a WHOLE lot better with Barb's desk moved and the cedar chest back. Only the one wall is painted, though; we have to finish the other side, which will be another Big Event.

I was glad I was home Monday, because my doctor called -- my actual doctor, not just his office -- to tell me the mammogram place wants me back because there was "something" on my mammo. He assured me it's likely nothing, and that they are, of course, always VERY overcautious in these cases, but they want me back for another scan just to be sure. I have been given every reason NOT to worry, therefore, I am.

I got my answers back from Tommy Cash. He wants to sing with Carrie Underwood. *shiver* Why did my opinion of him suddenly drop?

Hopefully I'll take some time this weekend and do a few reviews I've been putting off. That's the only problem with Roughstock -- they don't give me deadlines, and without deadlines, I can put something off practically indefinitely.
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