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I almost forgot since everyone's kept me so busy this weekend -- I have an interview with Tommy Cash (yes, the brother of Johnny),and I need to think of questions to ask him!!! He has a new album coming out, I've heard a few tracks -- one re-make of his biggest hit, Six White Horses, with Marty Stuart, and another duet with George Jones (and George is sounding better than he has in a while, which is nice to hear!). I would like to come up with some things that don't have to do with his brother... ACK! Ack! I mean, interviewing Pete Anderson and Dale Watson are one thing (these are guys I know and have talked to and all), but this is Tommy Cash! He's had NATIONAL recognition! (Although, like many classic country artists, he hasn't charted in a long, long time...)

I'm already sleepy. Barb called from the Minneapolis airport to tell me her plane might be delayed as much as 45 minutes, although the Sky Harbor website still has it "on time" at 11:07. I'm guessing I'm not going to be getting up and going to the gym tomorrow morning. I KNEW I should have worked out at least once this weekend, but things just didn't work that way. I found it's hard to sleep alone in our bed -- I do okay in hotel beds, but Home Alone is apparently difficult for me to relax. I did found that when I'm sleeping alone, though, Cairo doesn't walk all over the room, he just curls up next to me and sleeps. Interesting, that. Anyway, it means I slept in both yesterday and today, then yesterday was the Excursion to Tempe and today was chores and BED CLEANING. Also did some crocheting. I've also been trying to clean out the office room -- I cleared out a lot of junk. I rock.

We must eat at Chino Bandidos again -- it's a Chinese Mexican fast food joint (a dive, honestly) with some of the BEST FOOD I've ever eaten. I had my leftovers for dinner tonight and they were just as good as they were last night. I was making the same "OH MY GOD" yummy sounds while devouring as I did last night eating them fresh. I had thought to save some for Barb, but I didn't.


I haven't folded up the laundry yet, but I DID get it all done, and it was so hot today it's even all dry, including the coverlet and Sam's dog beds (both of them).

It's only 9:30. I'm doomed.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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