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So, all right, once in a while Cuervo has "an accident" on the bedclothes. Happened last weekend, of course, directly after I'd made the bed fresh with all matching sheets and everything. So, today, I went out to do all the chores for Barb's mom, and when I came home instead of doing the laundry I had planned on doing I found more poop on the bed. *sigh* I stripped off the coverlet and the sheets, contemplated briefly just throwing out the coverlet before deciding to go ahead and wash it. So I cleaned the spot on the mattress with the Simple Green "gets out pet odors and prevents re-staining" stuff and left it to dry. A few hours later after hanging out the second or third load of laundry, I came in to find MORE POOP ON THE STRIPPED AND DRYING MATTRESS!!!!


I swear I almost killed him right then and there. After a lot of screaming and general cat-frightening (Cairo's hiding under the desk in the office), I got down to scrubbing again, and I THINK the stain is out, but it's going to take forever to dry. I suppose it's a good thing Barb isn't coming home until late.

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