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'Cause they don't play Joe Ely where I'm from

I have come to an understanding, why it is that Barb and I got along just dandy without a dishwasher for so long, even though everyone thought we were nuts. As I washed dishes this morning, I counted what CAN'T be put into the dishwasher, all of which we have in abundance:

1) The silverware. We put this in at first, but realized that the harsh abrasives were WEARING THE SILVER PLATE OFF. Fortunately, it's only marginally ruined the daily-use silver, and not the good stuff, which we've only used once or twice since getting the dishwasher. So now that gets hand-washed again.

2) The forged knives. These will get rusty.

3) The stoneware. This cannot be washed with soap at all, and must be scrubbed with a stiff brush only. I suppose if I ran a load without soap, it MIGHT work, but I doubt it.

4) The cast iron. Like the stoneware, you can't wash cast iron with soap, and it MUST be wiped dry so it doesn't get rusty.

5) The good china. It's gilt edged, and so are some of my wine glasses. Should have realized that what could happen to gilt edges could happen to silverware, too.

6) The hand-blown glasses, the etched glasses, and the hand-painted glasses.

7) The teflon-coated cookware.

Since the above is roughly half of what we own, that's why we never felt the lack of a dishwasher.

For what it's worth, neither of us have ever bothered to fix the air conditioning in our vehicles, either.

On an unrelated television note, just watched the season finale of Primeval. Holy cats, the Beeb had BETTER allow another series, because that is probably the worst place to leave a show since... possibly the series finale of Farscape.

Yesterday I spent the whole day backing up stuff off the small hard drive to my external backup drive, which took a lot of time for transferring and copying (transferring TiVo saves to plain M-PEG files), but got it done and cleared off some of this drive. Did the Mom's grocery shopping, picked up some birthday paper to wrap sillymagpie's gifts, then took her out to dinner at a wonderful little Ecuadoran restaurant, where the food was to die for delicious -- everything we tried, all around, was superb, from the appetizer Ecuadoran tamales to the Guanabana dessert, which was a very light whipped custardy thing with chocolate drizzled on top. The Ecuadoran flan (coconut flan) was unlike any Sonoran flan I've ever tried, but it, too, was incredible. Then we came home to gifts and watched Coraline, which was one of said gifts. Nifty little movie!

Had something happen with one of my (now adult) dragons that I've never seen before. When she "gendered" (that's the point when a hatchling gets its wings or grows a little bigger), I named her -- then last night she no longer had a name, and I couldn't give her the one she'd had before because it had already been used. If you scroll over her picture here on LJ it shows that original name, but on my scroll it's the new one. Very odd...

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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