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Another week shoots past

I'm amazed by people who keep a dedicated journal. I never have that much interesting to say. This morning I woke early and thus have gotten a pretty good start on the day. I checked the various ant poison traps and see the ants are eating it, so hopefully they are taking it back to the nest and this will do what has been promised. Silhouette got out in the yard and the mockingbird Was Not At All Happy with this and yelled at both the cat and me until I captured cat and returned him to house. I put away the dishes and took stuff out to the recycling bin, then came in to read email. One story in the New York Times caught my eye, leading me to sigh a big sigh and follow it up with an even larger ARGH (you have to be registered to read articles at the Times, but it's free). But I won't rant about even the annoyance of the words "creationism" and "Darwinism." I find it mind-boggling that there is still debate on the subject at all, and the comments about the Grand Canyon just make my head hurt. And I'm no scientist.

"Why can't we all just get a longneck?" -- Hank Jr.
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