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And the Moods Just Keep Swinging

For some reason I woke up around 3:00 this morning, and never really went back to sleep. I laid awake and listened to Cuervo ask for food with his varying meows: Demanding, begging, hopeful, sad, pathetic, and back to demanding. I dozed some, because while I heard the clock in the dining room chime both 3 and 4, I missed 5; I vaguely remember a strange dream which consisted of a flight, driving backward into a large lake in the mountains, and a ride in a sapphire blue "Cube" (those strange new cars marketed as a "mobile device") driven by the large Hawaiian gentleman who rescued us from the lake. The Cube was very comfortable inside. I also remember strange ducks that were tall as emus with very shaggy feathers, but there was no question that they were ducks.

The linearness of the dream is lost, only rough pictures remain.

I also listened to the distant thunder -- Phoenix got some rain, but Tempe was socked, over an inch (and that's a big deal in the Phoenix valley). Apparently a house in Gilbert was struck by lightening. It's that time of year, when weather is the top story in Phoenix (the other night all the power to Gila Bend was knocked out -- and it's been over 110 almost every day for the last few weeks; today was "cooler," but the humidity was WAY higher, 74% this morning). It's rare to have a monsoon storm in the early morning like that, but it was surely raining at six, when I left the gym, and their parking lot (as usual) was full of water, especially up by the door.

I made peanut butter cookies last Friday. They're all gone now, and I contemplate making more, because they were dangerously delicious (which means I probably shouldn't make more, but I CRAVE). On the other hand, I have made it to the gym nearly every day, including running over Sunday morning for a turn on the ellipsis machine. I still can't lose any more weight, but I seem to be maintaining at 166. (Although I was a mere 162 at the doctor's office. I have to remember to schedule my mammogram. They drew blood this morning and I didn't faint, whee! I'm ready to get those second ear piercings... {yes, I fainted when I got my ears pierced -- twice, once for each ear}.)

Today I stopped at Fry's to pick up a few things, and I was going down an aisle that was partly blocked by a guy with a cart, and this woman standing next to him, talking. Just talking. They weren't shopping or anything, just pretty much taking up most of the aisle. So I was trying to inch carefully by, muttering "Excuse me" pretty much under my breath because I didn't want to interrupt, when my cart lightly brushed the woman's huge purse, which was sticking out behind her. She turned and snapped at me, "EXCUSE YOU!" then went back to her loud conversation, continuing to take up most of the aisle. I was much disturbed by this...

The cleaning of the office room continues apace. I should just heave my entire bottle collection in the recycling bin.

Fewer than I thought:

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