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I've already blathered about this to horrible extent on my lovely and patient f-list, but obviously I feel the need to document it on my own journal, as well...

"Children of Earth" was some really good television. It was gripping and fast-paced and well done, the acting was good, the dialogue was tight, everything moved very well. (And yes, I know, there are a LOT of plot holes and things that could have been better, but on the WHOLE, it was pretty good.) BUT...

As a stand-alone mini-series, excellent. As the somewhat painful and horrible ENDING of a series? Also excellent. If this is to be considered the end of Torchwood, it's a good ending. Not a happy ending, not an uplifting ending, but a very tight and good way to end the series. As a way of "launching" the new series on BBC One? Whoa. Not so good.

This show ended with the deaths of most of the team. With the destruction of the main headquarters, where all the necessary S-F geegaws were stored (not to mention the younger brother, in status, of the leading man). With the most terrible (even if he deemed it "necessary") act the main male character could possibly have done, and then him running away from the consequences. With the main (and, really, only) female character expecting a baby.

How could they bring it back? How could they have Jack recover from what he felt he HAD to do? Killing his own grandson? How can Gwen be a member of Torchwood and still be a Mum? Leave the baby with Rhys while she goes out risking her life every night (which, admittedly, she could have done as a cop, but still)?

And the very, very pointless death of Ianto. Now I realize that in real life death is often pointless. But in fiction, something like his death should have done something. Should have galvanized Jack into performing the requisite miracle that would have defeated the bad guys WITHOUT the murder of his own grandson, rather than turning him into a whiney quitter whose only solution was one that required that extreme a sacrifice (which RTD seemed to want to do with Jack all along -- he's certainly rarely in Torchwood been the character that Steven Moffatt created in The Empty Child). They mentioned the Doctor more than once -- does Jack even once think to himself, "What would the Doctor do?" (Okay, never mind -- there would have been a LOT more death if the Doctor had been involved, come to that...)

I can't say I didn't like it. I did, very much. I liked it a GREAT deal more than Stolen Earth/Journey's End, which was flat-out horrible drek, the main reason I haven't bought Season Four of Doctor Who yet, despite the fact that overall I loved S4 and I absolutely adored Donna. And as much as I loved Ten, I'm almost ready to see him go, and it's not David Tennant's fault. It's not his fault that Ten was given some of the worst, emo-tastic crap stories in the history of the show; and it's not his fault the end of S4 sucked so hard. He did his best with a crap storyline. (For that, I've enjoyed the first two of the "specials," even for their flaws.) But I miss Donna. She doesn't even get as many books as Martha did.

But anyway, I'm just not sure how they can "fix" Torchwood at this point. Normally I'm all for the redemption of characters gone astray, but this was incredibly final. Even if they figure out how to bring Jack back to Earth (and I'm guessing, offhand, that it's going to involve the Doctor here in one of the specials), how will he recover from what he felt he HAD to do? Obviously (for some reason) Gwen forgave him (perhaps because she didn't witness it); but his daughter did not (how could she? Sometimes the needs of the one do outweigh the needs of the many), and that also very obviously affected Jack badly.

I'm not going to rant and rave too much against RTD, although I'm certain he's my Joss Whedon, giving me what I "need." He made me care (rather more than I ever expected to) about these characters and then he absolutely destroyed them, in every way possible. And I worry sometimes I torture MY characters -- at least I give them some modicum of happiness once in a while...


And because it's Caturday...

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