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Urgh, and other things

Just before I left for Vegas I received a lovely picture of myself that was taken by the City of Tempe. I was clocked going a mind-numbing 47 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. (On, I'll add, a major street late at night when there wasn't much traffic.) I had allowed myself to pretty much forget about it until this afternoon, while I was cleaning up here and found the citation again. Oh, yeah.

So I started looking at driving school. Now, I realize it's been many years since the last time I actually got a speeding ticket (sheer luck, I assure you -- I AM a safe driver, I promise, but I love to drive fast); but the last time driving school was at least a few bucks cheaper than paying the ticket. Now, not so much.

I realize that people can in fact ignore the photo radar tickets and braver souls than I will just rip them up and toss them out... but I am not brave and I'm trying to figure this out. Normally I'd take the school, but it's a good ten bucks more; and we're talking a $171 fine in the first place. Part of me wants to actually fight it -- I have until the 17th to make arrangements to go to court and say I don't think that 47 MPH on an uncrowded major street in the late evening to be an "unreasonable" or "imprudent" speed. But I don't know if I can pull that off, even though most people assure me that it's easy to get those things dismissed because of course there is no witness against you. But I can't just throw it out because my registration is due next month and it'll still be there.


Stupid photo radar.

Otherwise, a very lazy and unproductive Sunday. I haven't done anything at all today other than clearing out some papers and a couple weeks' worth of junk mail stacked up on the front foyer table. Oh, and read LJ. Also watched five more episodes of Deep Space Nine, I started from the beginning last weekend. I'd completely forgotten a lot of this stuff ("You hit me! Picard never hit me!") -- it was a great show right from the get-go.
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