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I Can't Believe There's Only Four Left

I really liked last night's "Angel." It was a wonderful closing for Connor, a character I never really liked much before (being as I tended to sympathize with Angel rather than with surly, obnoxious teen rebel... even though I understood why Connor was like he was).

I'm going to miss this show. The other day at work they had a poll on our intranet site asking "what show ending this season will you miss the most?" and looking at the list, I realize that pretty much leaves "Scrubs" and "The Simpsons" on the air, unless by some miracle "Arrested Development" manages to make a second season, too. Of course, I've started developing a real fondness for "Bernie Mac," and I'm actually coming to like "Whoopi," although I'm sure it's largely because of the Bush jokes. While this may not seem like a crisis to most, I do tend to revolve around television. It's a failing, I know, but there I am. Maybe I'll spend more time watching The History Channel. I realize at times the main reason I actually enjoy watching Network television, and appreciate it when there are good shows, is because it's very easy for me to keep track of time when shows are neat little boxes of 1/2 hours and hours. Watching favored cable stations, like History and Food Network, I lose track of time, because the News doesn't come on at 10.

My newest reviews aren't up yet. Dave Gleason was awesome. Dave Insley is a darling. Moot Davis is a very nice fellow, and watching Pete Anderson play guitar is a religious experience. I have to finish the Moot review yet.

I haven't been able to write for several days, mostly due to time and a lot of reviews being due. And then someone showed me this icon site. Dangerous, I tell you what. Maybe Saturday. I hope.


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Apr. 22nd, 2004 09:59 pm (UTC)
And then someone showed me this icon site. Dangerous, I tell you what.

Eh heh...and I'm not sorry, either! ;-D

I am so in love with You Can't Save Everybody, I can't stand it! All the songs are great, and they're not all by the same writer as is sometime the case! They'll be on tour in America this year. What do we have to do to get them a gig somewhere in Phoenix?!!

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