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Not sure I like it

Well, Dreamwidth is HERE.

I guess it's all right. I don't see what all the hoopla is about. Looks about the same and it's not as easy to get around. There's not as many mood themes or page themes (for those of us too stupid and lazy to figure out how to design them ourselves), and without pay I only get six icons (as opposed to my normal hundred-something).


Kathy is cranky.

I've drunk (dranked, now?) almost an entire bottle of wine tonight. I better not gain any more weight back (two pounds back on, sigh).

There's actually one other person on Dreamwidth who likes Dale Watson. Woo.

I lost my temper at work today for some stupid reason and got called into the principal's office boss's cube to "discuss." If he'd just let it go I would have forgotten it in ten minutes. But because he wanted to know what was "wrong" (I got irritated and snapped, I'm a redhead, it happens once in a while, and honest, a LOT less than it used to!), and I had to assure him over and over that it was unintentional, and I'm SORRY. *sigh* So I spent the rest of the day embarrassed and feeling stupid.

I'm feeling tremendously cranky. I almost stopped at Big Lots on the way home to buy the stupid set of colorful shot glasses I DON'T NEED just for the lame reason it might make me feel better for six seconds. I talked myself out of it.

I has cats. They're fuzzy and nice, even if they are barfy and demanding.
Tags: dreamwidth, temper tantrums
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