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I have too many optimistic icons

I need some that give a real sense of "life just plain SUCKS."

I woke up yesterday morning with the honest intention of getting to work on a) my website, and b) my Writer's Link critiques. What I got was a Blue Screen of Death. My wonderful wife (the one thing I'm very grateful for this weekend) spent most of the day fixing it and trying to keep me from being the whiney, pathetic, spoiled brat I can be whenever I'm thwarted. We did a little shopping and I got cranky 'cause I "didn't get what I wanted," and so on and so forth. I really don't know why she puts up with me at all, much less fixes my computer for me.

So I'm behind in everything of course.

At least we watched The Music Man last night because framefolly had never seen it before. That movie ALWAYS make me happy. And so far, knock wood, this computer is working. Let's see if I can get something done today.
Tags: blah, computers, writing
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