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At least there's still baseball and apple pie

I figure I'm gonna have to actually go and see the upcoming new Halloween 2 movie, despite all; I know the fellow who's doing the soundtrack (as "Captain Clegg & the Night Creatures") personally.

(His real name is Jesse Dayton, and he's probably one of the best guitar players alive, as well as a great lyricist and singer. A little crazy, but a good guy.)

I feel tired and cranky. I DID finally work out this morning, woot. And then blew it all by eating a donut (someone brought donuts in, the evol). I knew I shouldn't have -- and apparently sugar DOES do weird things to one, because I've been starving all day, which I haven't been sticking more or less strictly to proteins and whole grains. Well, I'll be better tomorrow, although I'll be out honky-tonking again so I know I'll have a few drinks tomorrow.

I walked out of the room, it was 1-1 (D-backs v. Giants), when I came back it was 5-1 San Francisco. WHA...??? At least it's only the bottom of the 3rd, I guess there's still some chance. We're apparently 12-20 at home this season. Yikes. Don't these players understand that Phoenix is not as forgiving as Chicago?

They had a special video tribute to Randy Johnson's career (he's reached 300 wins as a pitcher, and the first to have defeated all 30 MLB teams) -- he's playing for SF now, but he pitched his perfect game as a Diamondback. *sigh* I wish they hadn't broken up the old team.

I can't get a stripey dragon egg. Grump. (Yes, I know, I need more dragons like a hole in my head...)

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