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It's been weeks since I was last here. Oops!

I thought about commenting on several of rahirah's interesting posts, but apparently I wasn't logged in (for some reason I lost all my cookies a couple of days ago and have been slowly regaining them across the internet) so I didn't bother with the first one, then wanted to change my picture, so didn't post the second one. I wish I could afford to upgrade so I could have more than three icons. Changeable? Me?

Anyway, those thoughts, randomly -- as rahirah's S.O., I can say I'm an adult (at least, over 21), but I don't know if I'm in my right mind. I grew up Catholic and still consider myself same, although I have been increasingly distressed with the Dark Ages viewpoint of the Pope and our local diocese. I don't go to Mass often because, like my lovely partner, I like to sleep on Sunday morning. :) (In fact, I'm usually the one who sleeps longer, until the cats give up and sleep on the bed with me.) However, I DO enjoy going to the Congregational Church on Easter and Christmas, largely because I really like Reverend Steve. Although he DOES let his sermons run on, he does tell a good joke.

I have been busy going to shows -- April begins Honky-Tonk Season, apparently. I started the month with, WOW, Hank Williams Jr. It was a charity event that I got a last-minute press pass to, and although I never did manage to find my contact, I did get my pass and a seat in the back (if I had found my contact, I would have been up front and much other good fun would have ensued, but it's my own fault for not being more organized, and I have to let it go). It was a very sudden and surprise event that I never expected I'd get to see (we're talking $150 indoor seats, here, and $50 stand-outside tix), or even listen to (it was broadcast live on Sirius Satellite's "Outlaw Country" station). Review is here, and hopefully pictures, but I can't get the link to work for me right now and I have to complain to the webmistress.

Then this last Thursday night I went to see Dave Gleason and Dave Insley, and it was a wow of a show. Gleason is a first-rate picker up there with Pete Anderson and Jesse Dayton, while Insley is a charismatic and terrific singer with a tongue-in-cheek delivery and lyrical style that I've loved for years. Review hopefully will get written today, although I won't have the pictures until after Moot's show Tuesday (Moot Davis will be at the same venure then. My review of his AWESOME album is here).

All the touring schedules for these guys are on their websites, and if you get a chance to see any of these indie Americana/honky-tonk artists, DO GO! Support the little guys. They have more talent in their hair folicles than some of the "big names" have in their entire bodies.

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