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Caturday Night Fever

Today has been productive.

I finished a review for J.B. Beverly & The Wayward Drifters' newest CD, "Watch America Roll By."

We drove north to check the used furniture place in our still-fruitless quest for a curio cabinet to display our stemware so we can take it out of the bar and put the ALCOHOL in the bar and get it off the floor. Then we checked out the Big Lots w/furniture place, and I got an idea for CD towers, but didn't buy anything, then we just missed the Farmer's Market at Roadrunner Park and had lunch at Island Burger before heading home, where I wrapped up and submitted my review.

I cleared off the entire DVR. I did go and get interested in The Unusuals after all; and sadly, it was canceled. (Of course it was. ABC cancels everything I like except LOST). Finished doing all the laundry.

Will be taking framefolly out for dinner tonight to celebrate the anniversary of her birth (last week).

Am now watching the last disc of Ellen -- have rented the entire series over the last few weeks and while the first season was pretty rocky, the last season was not as uneven as I remembered. But now I cleaned it off my wish list, anyway. I don't think I need to OWN it.

I HAVE to update my website. I've started actually blogging on my MySpace page and I need to link it from my home page (and update it anyway -- Dave Insley isn't in Arizona anymore); mostly it's been a combination of computer crashes and laziness that has kept me from updating, anyway...

No cat stories, other than we tried pouch food rather than canned for Cuervo -- and he sucked it all up, leaving the plate (and the floor around the plate) clean instead of filthy. WOW.
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