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It's Kinda Nice...

...to have a president whom I like to listen to. I've been watching the Brian Williams "Inside the Obama White House" specials, which are very interesting and very pleasant. Although his waffling on gay marriage is vaguely annoying. Well, we'll get there... today at work a gal from the word processing pool (I used to work with her) stopped to ask me what she could do to assist with getting gay marriage legalized, and told me how angry it made her to have people denying that right to people. Cool.

I had things to say, but as usual, nothing comes to mind when I actually sit down to write. I had to write a Garth Brooks review (yeah, I know) and then I updated the blog on my MySpace page (which I won't bore you with unless you're interested), so I'm just sort of written out, I suppose. Blah blah.

Today was Founder's Day. I was running all over campus all day, back and forth, setting up and working the booth and getting free lunch... (which was okay -- but someone needs to tell our new cafe folks that you really should ought to COOK the potatoes before making them into potato salad), and it was freakin' hot in Phoenix today, 106 degrees PLUS almost zero humidity, so the moisture is SUCKED RIGHT OUT of your body the moment you walk out the door.

I'm mostly over "the cold," whatever it is; once I start to recover my strength the phlegm sets into my throat and upper chest (no real cough), scratchy sinuses and snuffling, and still a little fatigue, but at least more energy. Work has been heck -- we're still a good deal behind, but starting to slowly catch up (rather like being on a hamster wheel); at least lots of overtime means nice paychecks, although it can't last, when upper management starts to look at our still-new supervisor with the ol' fisheye.

I have weighed 162 pounds most of this week. I can now cautiously say I've lost four pounds (not counting the 12 I had gained between the wedding and the New Year and lost again). Woot.
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