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Creeping Crud

I have my annual "what the fuck kind of cold is this?" crud. I could feel it coming on yesterday and I tried to combat it, but it hit me hard this morning. I went to work anyway and lasted up to lunch, then gave in and came home. I slept for almost three hours until it got too hot in the bedroom (the air doesn't kick in until we "get home" from work, of course). It's that same goofball thing I seem to now come down with pretty much every year, with no real discernable symptoms other than crushing fatigue and bleary vision (which makes trying to read the computer, or anything, a real trick), with a distinct inability to focus. (I wish LJ would improve its dictionary. It's telling me that I misspelled "discernable" yet Webster's disagrees and says I got it right. LJ wants me to spell it "discern" "able.")

I did manage to blather for a paragraph and finish the review I should have done last week.

I have a massage appointment this afternoon, which I will go to; I figure the drive is short (easier than coming home from work, anyway), besides, they don't like cancellations. But then I'll just collapse here in front of the TV because that requires no focus.
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