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Sleep soon

Brain dead.

Only up until about 12:15 last night; stayed for the end of the show, but Chuck Mead's friends seemed unwilling to let mere fans through to talk to him, so after standing around politely for about fifteen minutes waiting to shake his hand and say "nice show, I'm the reviewer on the list," I finally gave up and left. (When I'm friends with the guys, I always stand aside to let the lined-up fans through; I figure I'm going to be talking to him for a while, and I can spare the time.) I went to sleep well enough, but then woke up unaccountably at 4:30 and stayed awake until my alarm went off.


Brain-dead day. Fortunately not a busy day. Now vegging.

I must look pretty freakin' awesome in

because guys seem to go nuts when I wear it. I've NEVER had guys flirt with me or much otherwise in my whole life, and then suddenly at 43-44, wearing a tank top with a Victoria's Secret push-up, BANG. A really cute boy half my age has been sending me flirty e-mails on MySpace all day today. Wha??? Married, and OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR MOTHER. But flattered, anyways. Next time I see Dave (whose shirt it is and who was the first to be flirty with me while I was wearing it -- don't worry, our flirting is very platonic), I'll have to tell him. Miracle shirt.

Now I'm going to bed.

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