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How Things Rate

The president is in town, because ASU somehow scored Obama speaking at tonight's commencement. Wow. Related to this, our ABC affiliate has been very careful to assure everyone that while they will be streaming the speech live online, it would NOT interrupt tonight's broadcast of the LOST finale...


(Of course, a few weeks ago technical troubles kept LOST off the air for most of the hour, and all we saw was about twenty minutes -- channel 15 showed it TWICE to make up for that...) Of course, right now it's just the clip show wrap-up.

No serious workouts so far this week; I hope to remedy that tomorrow.

I'm putting off working on my writer's group critiques. This computer is excruciatingly slow when I have more than one program open; if I do just about anything involving memory (Photoshop, iTunes, etc.), the virtual memory grinds to a near-standstill, so when I type I can literally be as much as a full sentence ahead of my letters appearing on the screen.

So I wait. Eventually I will afford a new one (with a faster processor), but in the meantime, she's all I got and I must make do.
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