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Seeing mockingbirds hassle creatures much larger than they are. A few years ago I saw one dive-bombing and screaming at a red-tailed hawk perched on a streetlight pole -- the hawk seemed to have the long-suffering attitude of a weary parent with an over-excited child. Last week as I was driving home, I saw a similar performance as a mockingbird chased a raven across the highway, the raven flapping slowly and regally by as though he really couldn't figure what the fuss was all about.

I also love it when a 50-1 longshot comes through on the inside to win the Kentucky Derby by nearly 7 lengths.

I love rosemary crackers.

I love getting a good massage (but not having sore shoulders two days later).

Today I satisfied my inner cultural anthropologist while looking through an estate sale we stopped by. I deduced as we went through the house that the woman who had lived there was probably a widow or always lived alone, because there was very little male stuff there (an old toolshed in the back was mostly empty but for paint cans, although the kitchen very badly needed painting); she had traveled quite a bit, but tended to collect touristy, cheap things (rather like myself). She was a large woman, judging by the size 22W gown in the closet, but it was a flashy, pretty red velvet with a sequined jacket, so she liked to dress nicely. She was Christian (Christmas decorations), but not religious (no crosses or bibles); on the other hand, she did have a wide variety of spiritual books, though, including "The Prophet" and "The Glory of Grace," in addition to Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegon Days" (which I bought). She probably had to ride one of those motorized scooters because of the dual tracks on the hall carpeting, but there were no ramps to the front or back so it may not have been a condition where she COULDN'T walk at all. In one room, there was a massive, dark, discolored stain on the carpet, and I pondered it for a long time, trying to figure out what it could be, before some morbid part of me wondered if that was the room she died in. If she lived alone, she could have been there for a while...

I sometimes wonder if I didn't become a writer because I had so many interests I couldn't settle on just one, so as a writer, I can do ALL of it... I did love cultural anthropology, though. The whats and hows of people living always seemed very fascinating to me, quite apart from kings and temples.

I finished transcribing my interview and I think I like it. I even rather liked the sound of my own voice, which normally makes me insane. Will post link once it's up, for anyone who's interested.

Dale Watson & I, fixed by Photoshop but still a little washed out:http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml

Once we figured out the flash:

Not sure what kind of monkey this is... I don't remember if there was a sign for them or not, they were out on an island where there were black swans and turtles of various kinds.

And again, different monkey island...

White tiger:

Another unidentified monkey:

African wild dog:

I liked these Blue Cranes, the national bird of South Africa:

A sturgeon:

A seahorse:

And a sleeping jaguar:

I also love orange chicken, and we're having that for dinner. :-)

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