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Sleepy yet very happy

As always, Dale Watson gives an AWESOME show. He played from about 9:45 until 1:00, taking only one break; he played forty songs, mostly requests from the very appreciative audience, and throughout he was fun, funny, sharp, right on the money. Before the show he was relaxed and full of fun, we talked for an hour, going from formal interview to just discussion of the state of music, before, like any guy, he had to show off his satellite TV and radio on the bus (whee! I've been on a tour bus!). We listened to a few songs and then I had to skedaddle so he could get dolled up for the show. He's still wearing the long frock coat and frilled shirt, covering up his now VERY impressive tattoo sleeves (he's added quite a bit since the last I saw his arms).

I don't know how good an interview it is (I haven't listened to the tape yet), but I had a great time. I stayed past last call, until they were basically tossing us out. Took lots of pictures (until my battery started to run out), and generally had a grand time.

Now, of course, since I fell into bed at just past two and still had to get up at 5:30, I'm a little fried in the brain. I'll be transcribing the interview and reviewing the show during this week, and it'll be posted next weekend. Hopefully my very late copy of the new disc will arrive so THAT can be reviewed, too.

And now to sleep.

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