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Now is a perfect time to panic

They got me an interview with Dale Watson. I've had two days to come up with questions. Not that I'm really worried about talking with Dale -- he's a nice guy and easy to talk to, so this should be fine, but I'm still nervous as heck.

I hope I can figure out this camera. I should have gone to see Reckless Kelly to test it in those conditions. I've been playing with movement shots here at home and I THINK I've found the right setting.

I tried to lay down for a bit of a nap this afternoon but Cairo wouldn't let me sleep.

Because I was trying to think of questions yesterday, I didn't read my flist until today, so I did skim a few folks (no offense). I'll go back and watch vids and make comments if I have a chance. I have to head out here in a while (I have to get there by 7, we're doing the interview before the show) -- and then of course I'll be up late, so tomorrow should be fun, but I figure I can make it through a Friday without collapsing. Besides, the last time was such a good show I was all buoyed for the rest of the week. We shall see.

It was very sneaky of them advertising last night's LOST as a "special" instead of "just another freakin' clip show." Of course, sometimes LOST does well by doing a wrap up, just to keep track of what's going on...

While I'm here, a very Happy Birthday to miertam!

Oh yeah, and it's Shakespeare's birthday, too.

And everyone please offer best wishes and hopes to framefolly for the safe return of her cat, Sesame, who got out yesterday. *sending good thoughts and hopes!!!*

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