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Pithy Thoughts Fled

On Sunday I volunteered to assist one of our agents in passing out promotional stuff at the Pride Festival at Indian School Steele Park. It’s a pretty park. It was a lovely day – very, very hot, though, and lots of sunshine. I remembered to wear my hat, and I didn’t get nearly as sunburned as I could have gotten, but come Monday morning, I was feeling HORRIBLE. I realized partway into the day that I had, indeed, gotten too much sun and was still somewhat dehydrated, so I drank a lot of water and collapsed when I finally got home Monday night, and was in bed by 8:00. Of course, I didn’t really SLEEP – or, rather, I rested long, but I don’t think well. Got some good sleep eventually, but spent a lot of time thinking. In the course of said thinking, I thought of something I wanted to use as the opening line for this post.

I didn’t write it down, of course, ‘cause I was trying to sleep. So I forgot it by morning (in fact, forgot it by 3:00 am, where I proved I am conditioned – cat meows, I must get up and go to the bathroom, then provide food). Of course, how intelligent and pithy could it have been, considering my mental state? (Still, I wish I could remember…)

Important information: Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours. This is good to know, since I watch TV at least three hours a day, but I also drink about a six pack a day, and recycle all six cans. (Pre-Earth Day information provided from the work Intranet.)

I am not losing any weight. Nothing seems to work. Hurm. I am working out, though, so at least I'm more or less in shape -- I just want to drop those stubborn final pounds, dang it!
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