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While my black cat gently barfs

I couldn't sleep Sunday night. No apparent reason, just. Couldn't. Sleep. So I went to bed reasonably early on Monday (after what proved to be a really good episode of Heroes. Could it be they've realized there's more to a climactic episode than a nuclear explosion?),and slept well, but I was still wiped from Sunday night, so last night I decided against going to see Reckless Kelly at the Rhythm Room in favor of catching up on sleep.

So naturally, I couldn't. sleep. again. I should have gone to the show, at least then I would have been entertained and sleepy. *sad face*

Speaking of television, I didn't want to like it, but I do -- the update of Cupid is as good as the original, even if Bobby Cannavale is no Jeremy Piven. I have to watch the second episode, which I recorded last night.

Castle has Nathan Fillion. Other than that...? So far, not much. To be fair, I've only watched one episode so far, the rest are being collected on my DVR to watch later.

Chuck remains breathtakingly awesome. This last episode ROCKED MY WORLD.

LOST has been intense this season.

I was not surprised by this week's House because they were talking to Kal Penn on All Things Considered on NPR yesterday afternoon. I'm sorry, though; I really liked Kutner, and I'll miss him. Not that I begrudge the actor a pretty good gig. Jumping from being Komarr to being a member of the White House Staff is pretty impressive.

And now I'm tired, I didn't see the show, and I still have to work the rest of the week. Because of lack of sleep I also haven't gone for a workout, after three solid weeks of excellent progress on weight training and getting back into shape. Dang it. Bitch, whine, moan.

I thought they'd gotten the dragon cave fixed, but now I'm getting the "failed to connect" error again, so I can't beg for clicks. *sigh* This week can only get better, right?

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