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I has wine

Things I have done today:

Finished all my work and cleared out my queues, including helping our Denver/Greeley offices, which had to close due to the BLIZZARD.

Printed and copied my entries for the 2009 SouthWest Writers contest and got them into an envelope for mailing.

Wrote out the check for my insurance payment.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Got a massage and a therapist pleased with my progress.

Ate too much when I got home from work after a good day of counting calories.

Things I did not do:

Work out.

Avoid buying candy when I stopped at Trader Joe's to buy MILK only.

Get to bed by 8:30 (it's just past 9:00 now).

Finish preparing Ring of Fire for its first new submission in some time. I promise to have that done by the end of the weekend.

I am considering being VERY bad and getting donuts Saturday morning since Dunkin FINALLY re-opened in our neighborhood.

I have been made happy by the many different hummingbirds who like to stop by my feeder and partake of nectar. They are very cute.

The wind is raging high in Phoenix tonight, but we did not get to go home early like the Greeley office did. They get snow days, and do we get heat days? I ask, is this fair? I should have sent the pictures home that they sent us from the Greeley office. Visibility looked like it was about fifty feet. Of course, I still remember the strange year there was six inches of snow in Tucson the first week of APRIL, so you never can tell.

Your result for the Which Starship Captain Are You? test...

Well done, Bill Adama!

17% Benjamin_Sisko, 6% Kathryn_Janeway, 31% Jean-Luc_Picard, 19% Johnathan_Archer, 38% William_Adama and 15% James_T_Kirk!

Technically an admiral, previously a commander, and never a captain... but... he captained a ship... er battlestar... WHATEVER, damn! Stupid nitpicking nerds. Not so much a hidden result but more like a "pick one that doesn't belong". His character is a lot like Sisko's and that isn't much of a coincidence considering Battlestar Galactica is co-written and co-produced by one of the best writers the Star Trek series ever had: Ronald D Moore. Adama's role is another tough one to play because he is one of those rare military heads that actually cares about the lives of civilians but doesn't let his compassion get in the way of making volatile and controversial military decisions. Plus, he actually lived after getting shot twice in the chest! Now THAT's tenacity.

Take the Which Starship Captain Are You? test
at HelloQuizzy

How is it that the crafter of this quiz specifically left out most Scify shows, but tossed in Battlestar Galactica? I never even watched it, so don't have a clue how accurate this is. I am put out.

Mom has scheduled us another Vegas trip, come June. She can't have all of my vacation days this year, I mean it!

My dragons thank you for the clicks.

Adopt one today! $ Adopt one today! % Adopt one today!

I have a full wine rack, and so I opened a second bottle. So there.
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