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A few days ago, my Facebook page came to the attention of my best friend from High School, whom I have not seen in almost twenty-five years. We've been chatting on email and exchanging pictures, and we were going to get together today when she came up to Phoenix, but she got strep throat and had to call it off. Since I already had the afternoon off, I decided to drive out to Tempe Marketplace, where there is a massive wine & liquor store called BevMo, where I browsed for a while, finding many interesting wines, including a sparkling almond-flavored white that we both love but I haven't been able to find up here in the center of the city in a while. Yay! It also carries all manner of liquors, mixers, snacks, bar equipment, and unusual sodas (although not, sadly, Dublin Dr Pepper). I got a few bottles of Reisling, a Zeller Schwarze Katz, and the aforementioned almond sparkling.

It's the first time I've been at Tempe Marketplace. There's lots of cool stuff out there.

Then I stopped a Big Lots to get a few boxes for storage and figured the vast amount of candles and bath stuff filling the shelves there now must have come from the closing of Linens & Things.

I came home and started putting things into said storage boxes, mostly winter wear and pants I'm still too fat for but I'm not willing to part with until it becomes obvious I'll NEVER fit into them. I moved a few sweaters and things out of my closet into the new hall closet, then I stepped on the plug from the fan standing in the foyer and apparently have badly bruised something in my foot, because now it hurts like a $#^&@!&*^$%.

Thoughts on vitamins? The usual scare-mongering nutritionist came though during our "health week" and informed everyone that taking vitamins was not only a waste of money (as the "news" shows have been heralding), but detrimental to one's body, filling the body with poisons, etc., etc. I said that my doctor was glad I was taking a mult-vitamin and calcium; and I was really more interested in listening to the guy with the medical degree. However, it doesn't stop the people at work from doomsaying. Just as an experiment, I stopped taking my vitamins. I gained back five pounds. Now, I'm not saying there's a connection...

Then I made stovetop braised pork chops and baked potato for dinner.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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