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Things I've been giving thought to

And it occurred to me the other day that it's not just the show "Angel" I've always liked, but that I really like ANGEL. The character. That I'm really horribly fond of the big doof, whether he's in "romantic leading man brood mode" or when he's goofing around cheerfully going on about Charleton Heston, Bonanza, or how not on fire he is. Somehow along the way these folks made up a character who went from the annoying, cryptic guy-in-the-shadows to being someone I'm really going to miss having around. Repeats and DVDs are great, but they don't make up for knowing more about the character's life -- and we're not at an "ending" place for Angel, and I doubt we will be by the finale. The best way I can see to stop the series would be for Angel to still be going on, fighting the good fight, no matter the enormity of the losses he's suffered, and pretty much, the overall theme of AtS has been all about "going on in the face of LOSS." Crippling, devastating, heart-searing, pulse-pounding, LOSS. Loss of friends, loss of stature, loss of family, loss of self -- Angel's lost pretty much everything that ever mattered to him, and he still squares those huge shoulders and moves forward, trying to do good even when he's at his most despairing. So he'll go on, somewhere out there, and we won't get to see any more of his adventures.

And I'll miss him.

I look at some of my own characters and wonder if I don't like Angel because he's a lot like how I might have written someone like him. And comments about acting ability aside, Angel was infused with a lot of warmth by David Boreanaz, who hopefully will get to play a role or two that allows him to smile more.

On the home front, I'm making enormous changes to Sean Patrick's story, which I've tentatively starting calling "Ring of Fire." I said I didn't want to do that until I finished it, but somehow that didn't happen, naturally.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, so don't forget to wear your green. :) I stopped by our local Irish House shop and finally, for the first time EVER, found something with the Coleman coat-of-arms on it. Also just HAD to pick up the O'Connor crest, too. Unfortunately, the other Irish lads in my head just have to deal, because their names are so Americanized I'd have to backtrack and find the alternate, Celtic spellings.

Erin Go Braugh!
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