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Successes and frustration

Success: I changed out the shower head and we discovered that WAS in fact the problem. Now the shower works, no longer leaving us in a trickle that hugs the wall. Yay, no need to call the plumber.

We hung the new address tiles on the front and they look AWESOME keen.

We cleaned out the closets in preparation for the folks to come tomorrow and put in the new shelves & such.

We went to Trader Joe's and got yogurt and cheese and some other stuff, then went out to the Thai Rama for a DELICIOUS dinner since all the stuff from the closets is making a big mess in the kitchen. Yum, red curry beef in a peanut sauce and Pad Thai!

Vacuumed. Did not dust.

Frustration: I want a patch for my denim jacket based on this icon: but all the places I can find that do custom embroidery patches have a minimum order of 50. All I want is one. Maybe two or three. I wish I could do these sorts of things myself. Phoo.

Remembered a quibble I had with Watchmen, one shared by nearly everyone in the audience we were sharing the auditorium with -- Dr. Manhattan shouldn't have mispronounced "Gila." If you ever come to Arizona and need to go anywhere that has Gila in the name (whether it's Gila River, Gila Bend, or any of the other bunch of 'em), don't say "Gee-la." It's pronounced HEE-la. (Likewise, Mogollon is pronounced "muggy-on," "canyon de chelly" is pronounced "canyon de shay" and "Estrella" is pronounced "estreya.")

You Are a Red Velvet Cupcake
You are sensual and self-indulgent. If it feels good, you'll do it.
You're drawn to gorgeous, sexy people. You can't help it if you want your friends to be attractive!

You are like a cupcake because you are completely decadent and over the top.
You believe life is too short to deprive yourself. You rather overdo it than go without.
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