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Various accomplishments, part two

Last night I updated my website, which I haven't done in some time, to celebrate its move to a brand-new domain -- www.cowboysandvampires.com (my very own). I took down a bunch of stuff and added other stuff, and probably will eventually add other other stuff, but there it is.

We worked out last night, after cruising several travel websites (including Southwest's own website), that even if gas is $3 a gallon by the end of July, it will still be cheaper to drive to Las Vegas than to fly. Somehow, I knew that deep in my heart. Of course, that means driving at night, because, well, ew, for daytime travel that time of year in this neck of the woods.

For the burning question as to what I would do with a Wednesday night without "Angel," apparently it's work on things I kept putting off, flip channels, and eventually re-watch a bad movie which I realized wouldn't have been ultra-excruciatingly-bad if it hadn't been for the stupidity of the "gotcha" ending (Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes").

Speaking of "Angel," I want to know why so many critics seem to be hanging all their hopes on "whether Buffy will choose Spike or Angel." When has that EVER been important to the show "Angel"? Far as I'm concerned, Buffy did choose -- NEITHER. She let them both go, and they both need to get on with their unlives, as they appear to have been doing since the whole "Cup of Torment" thing. It's over, guys. Let it go. The Buffster is having a nice "normal" life like she always wanted, and our vampire heroes are all grown up and saving the world on their own. Yay.

I have not gotten any writing done.

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