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More and more irony

After the "irony" theme of yesterday's brain bit, I went in for my massage appointment today and found my therapist called in sick -- she threw out her back. I've been rescheduled. I would have liked a massage today, but them's the breaks. Teach me not to listen to my voice mails, though. I wouldn't have had to drive over there if I'd just listened to the message!

The other day I bought a big bunch of multi-colored carnations, just because. They are bright and cheerful in the living room.

I made cheese crisps, with fresh tortillas (pre-made uncooked ones). I sometimes forget I have a Cruisinart, but when I remember, oh, how awesome it is. I grated a big bowl of cheese in like two seconds. Then another slice of the chocolate tart. How very nice it is! But it's made me quite stuffed.

Speaking of food, is it horribly decadent that I've found I really like a breakfast of plain yogurt with blueberries and some chocolate chips stirred in?

I haven't drabbled anything new, but I did continue another hundred words on yesterday's:

“Blood is life, buddy. You know what can happen when you don’t feed properly.”

“I know.” Sean Patrick rested his head in his hands. “Do I want to know your sources?”

“It’s freely given,” said Amok, washing his hands at the sink. “No matter what I say or do, there will always be those few kids who think it’s da bomb giving blood to vampires.”

Sean Patrick snorted, but said nothing further. The pain pulsing between his temples was still there, but it had receded tremendously. He wanted more blood. His mouth watered, his fangs extending.

“You want more?”


I don't remember what else I wanted to yammer about. There's been some good entries on my Forgotten English calendar, but they're all at work, and I've been too busy to transcribe them.

I'm very, very broke. I hope the state doesn't drag their feet too long on getting me my refund. (My accountant said that I should have my federal refund by the 13th, but that's when I get my next paycheck, anyway...)

I think this is another plain rock, not a geode: Adopt one today!

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