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Valentine's Day, Caturday, Friday the 13th, and all wrapped up on Sunday

As usual, Friday the 13th was actually a pretty darned good day. I got my work done early, took a little personal time to get some shopping done, and made an appointment for a massage on Monday.

Caturday was also Valentine's Day, and I know there are those who poo-poo Valentine's Day, and I'll admit that at times it was bad for me, too (I never had a boyfriend until college, and then the one I cared most for BROKE UP WITH ME on Valentine's Day--something a girl just doesn't forget), but now I have a lovely wife and we had a really nice, wonderful day. We did a little shopping, then got dressed and went out for sushi, which was delicious (I'm SO glad I let her talk me into trying the stuff--I was OH so missing out before). YUM. I got a little toasted on a lovely rich rum drink because I haven't been drinking much lately, and overall had a nice time.

Here I am getting ready to go out, in coat for nutmeg3:

And with the flash on:

Caturday pics:


Silhouette outside in the yard:

The outdoor cat, Smudge, sleeping under the juniper:

I got one of the new eggies: Adopt one today!

It was easier than I thought to get one of each of the new ones.

I'm finally watching the PBS version of Cyrano de Bergerac I DVR'd a few weeks back. It was a play I did in high school; I've forgotten a lot of it (I played something like five or six small parts with a lot of costume changes). Kevin Kline is an excellent Cyrano (better than he was as Bottom, honestly); finally realizing that it's Chris Sarandon playing DeGuiche explained why I was having serious Princess Bride flashes every time he's on stage... but dang it, I'm not at all impressed with Jennifer Garner as Roxanne.

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