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I don't know how I manage

To end up with a bunch of eggs I wasn't trying to get (because people somehow faster than me keep getting the ones I want). So I end up with four and I have to wait (because that's all you can have at once). This always happens when there are "specials" running around -- and how do some people end up with so many of them??? I never did get a Christmas one.

ANYWAY, click if you wanna...

Adopt one today! & Adopt one today! & Adopt one today! & Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! & Adopt one today!

I'm sleepy. Getting up early for workout, then I'm back on the early schedule (yay!) while our team leader is out on medical leave (nerve damage/carpal tunnel) -- something I fear deeply when I consider how much repetitive things (like crochet) make my arm hurt. I promise, after some things are paid, I'll talk to my doc. I'm almost out of Allegra, I'll have to talk to him sooner or later. Anyway, I get to stay on the early schedule until she gets back, and if we all like it, I can stay there. I like my new boss (although I'll admit things Got Done when the old boss was handling things -- but this IS the first supervisory position for our new boss, whereas the old boss has been in management forever, so I guess that has something to do with it...). Two weeks until my bonus and raise hit the paycheck. Today was the last check at the old rate.

My throat hurts, too, but I think that was caused by earlier nearly choking myself to death on a Triscuit. Those little wheat shreds are heck going down the wrong way.

I can't take my eyes off the computer for a second, because Microsoft wants the computer to restart. I'll restart it when I want to, thank you very much. Ha, just did it again.

I guessed it was Canadian geese that hit that plane that landed in the Hudson.

Tomorrow is finally Friday. This has been one of those annoying weeks where I have to remind myself constantly what day it is...

Nothing else of any import to report. When I finish a writing project I always just spend some time puttering. I need to check the Agent's list and make another submission for Ring of Fire, but to be honest, I'm starting to get that big ol' "Who gives a shit?" feeling, because NO ONE seems to want to read this thing... *sigh*

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