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On Friday, the temperature didn't crawl out of the mid-60's (which is coat weather in these parts). Today it was 90 degrees. Sometime it would be nice to have some of that in-between stuff. I sure hope we do have a little dip in the temps before real summer hits, because it's already too danged hot for me.

I have a new domain name all of my own, cowboysandvampires.com -- incredibly, someone already owned cowboys&vampires.com. I need to have some time to update my website, though, it's pitifully and woefully out of date and too long untended. I need some time when I'm not, well, working. Seems like all I ever have time for anymore is going to work and coming home to collapse. I don't seem to have the energy to DO anything, like writing or website design or much of anything, really. When I do find a little time, something always comes up, and I'm REALLY easily distracted. Oooh, email! Oooh, web surfing! Oooh, something shiney!
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