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Lazy, cat-dangling day

Good Caturday to all.

First up, Cairo:

I has bag

I has another bag, I loves it


I can has chocolate almonds?

Seriously, this cat has taken to stealing any food he can carry. He tried to take one of the chocolate almonds out of my fingers (and, really, if you feed him anything he CAN eat, pull your fingers back fast, 'cause you might lose one).

I've been watching episodes of Craig Ferguson all morning since I was so far behind. Laugh overload.

I balanced my budget. Insofar as I ever "balance" it, that is. Usually when I say "I have no money," that means I have some, but shouldn't spend it. This time -- nothing. Really. I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to get gas in my tank (I do have some in savings, but I shouldn't touch that, but if I HAVE to...). But I decided to get the window fixed after just driving to the gym and back; the saran wrap was LOUD and FLAPPY as soon as I topped 30 MPH, and I'm apparently just not redneck enough to deal with a window covered in saran wrap.

So instead of going out and making the most of my Caturday, I'm sitting around clearing off the Tivo and herding cats. And diddling around with some edits on the Billy book (I suppose I should stop calling it the NaNo project, or whatever). What I really need for it is a good title; of course, most of the time my main character doesn't KNOW he's Billy the Kid, so I don't want to use that as part of the title...

There is now a cat sitting across my arms. This makes typing difficult.

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