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I meme because I can

Gakked this from evil_little_dog:

1. Where did your LJ handle come from?
From one of my Tower Mountain (ElfQuest) characters, who was in turn based on Dwight Yoakam. He was forefront in my mind when I made the journal, and there it's stayed (especially since it's now a sign in at a lot of places, including NaNoWriMo). A few years earlier and it would have been Seahawk, who was another character of mine (a nickname for Raif Kincaid, who is an original who's been in a few universes).

2. How do you style your hair?
At the moment, when I take the time to flat-iron it, it's sort of a fluffier version of how Katie Couric used to wear hers (sort of a short "Rachael"). If I don't iron it, it's curly (or unruly, depending on which side of my head you're on). I have a head like a horse, which means it's ALWAYS going to be parted on the right and falling onto my forehead on the left, because when I try to comb it any other way, it HURTS.

3. What is making you happy right now?
This cat of mine, who is alternating between being a love and taking cat fits.

4. What are you currently reading?
Paths of the Dead by Steven Brust, and I'm almost finished with Inventing Billy the Kid by Stephen Tatum and The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

5. Do you need music to study/write?
Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And yes.

6. What is the last song on your play list?
Elvis Presley's version of Sweet Caroline.

7. What was your first hair dye job?
I don't remember the first time I dyed my hair. Back in the 80's I tried many different shades of red, including burgundy (which I liked a lot, but I haven't seen that color in years). I haven't dyed it seriously in some time, although I last had Ric give me a copper-red rinse about a year ago.

8. Do you have a crush at the moment?
Apart from my wife, of course, I do still harbor a bit of a crush on cruise director Butch.

9. You get a time machine... where do you go?
Time AND space? Or just time? If it's just time, I wouldn't mind shooting back through Phoenix history and seeing the Valley as it was back then -- in space as well, just about any point in history, just to see it. I'm way too interesting in WAY too many things. If I could bring things back with me, I might shoot back to 1974, buy a brand-new El Camino for around $3,500...

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
Not counting the taste of the oatmeal cookie dough, the last of the stovetop baked beans with succotash.

11. What is your favorite color?
Green. Pretty much all shades.

12. What websites do you visit daily?
LiveJournal, Dragon Cave, the NY Times (okay, that one's a stretch, but I TRY).

13. What's your favorite food?
Italian, followed by everything else.

14. Which languages do you wish you spoke?
For business purposes, Spanish; just for me, Japanese, and just for fun, Latin.

15. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Misused apostrophes.

16. Do you have birthmark?
Yes, there is a mark shaped like a turtle on the back of one of my thighs (almost on my butt).

17. Who was your childhood idol?
I suppose that depends on where "childhood" is -- likely my Dad, when I was really young, then Elvis as I got older, and I kept on adding "idols" as I grew.

18. Where would you like your next holiday to be?
I really do want to go on another cruise. Everyone says the Alaska one is absolutely gorgeous.

19. What is your favorite chocolate from a box of chocolates?
Chocolate! Okay, my very favorites are caramels, coconut (crunchy and creamy), nuts (all of them), and then truffles/buttercreams.

20. Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
I wasn't really TAGGED, but she's got cute doggies and is a great writer. :-)
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