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No snappy title for the day

I is filled with ennui.

On January 15, 1759, the British Museum was opened at Montague House, London. But American author Nathaniel Hawthorne was not impressed, writing disdainfully in his journal nearly a century later, in 1855: "It is a hopeless--and to me generally a depressing--business to go through an immense, multigarious show like this glancing at a thousand things, and conscious of some little titillation of mind from them, but really taking in nothing and getting no good from anything. One need not go beyond the limits of the British Museum to be profoundly accomplished in all branches of Art, Science, and Literature." He concluded, "The fact is the world is accumulating too many materials for knowledge. We do not recognize for rubbish what is really rubbish, and under this head might be reckoned almost everything one sees in the British Museum. And as each generation leaves its fragments and potshards behind it, such will finally be the desperate conclusion of the learned."

Is grumpy.

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