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Ricardo Montalban died today. I could almost credit him for me being a Trekkie - I watched the show before then, but that movie made me a FAN. I was so crazy about him I read his biography and stayed up late nights to watch the syndicated reruns of Fantasy Island. An early major insanity. (Not the first, mind, but one with lasting effects, including introducing me to Fandom in general and Conventions in specific, which is why I am here now. Had I not started reading a set of books collected from some Star Trek magazine (I cannot now remember either the name of the books nor the magazine, annoyingly enough, and I am surprised to discover I don't still have the books, especially since I had a letter published there), I wouldn't have ever known such a thing as "conventions" existed. I wouldn't have learned about TusCon, I wouldn't have gone, I wouldn't have met Barb and the rest of the Holt, and, well...

I have no clue where I'd be now!

So in a roundabout way, I owe it all to Ricardo Montalban.

According to the lovely laurawise, tomorrow is More Joy day here on LiveJournal. (Am I the only one amused that "LiveJournal" is not in LiveJournal's own dictionary?) Anyway, she posted a wonderful list of things that bring her joy, and I figure I'll have to do the same thing...

These three annoying, obnoxious, noisy, wonderful cats, no matter how they may tax me!
New clothes, even if bought at Goodwill and so only "new" to me, especially the pale pink angora sweater
Good food, successful experiments with food, making leftovers into new good food!
Working out, even when I'm tired.
Getting a good night's sleep (something rare and wonderful these days!)
Being told I'm the top producer in the unit, despite all other the stuff I do (unit average 303, my average 480)
Diet Coke with Lime
Fruit salad
Bacon (mmmm, bacon)
The fascination of history, not the dry facts but the people
The sparkle of colored glassware, bottles especially
Traveling, even if it's just to the mountains
Stupid movies that others mock me for
Music, especially roots-based traditional music with any kind of unique flare from true musicians
Have I mentioned chocolate?

I might think of some more for tomorrow. Now I should go take care of the cats' unmentionables. Stupid litter box (there are only three of them, but they regularly have large parties, I'm sure of it).

And just because:

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!
Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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