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I have to fix this icon

Somehow panel three comes up as panel one, and it looks funny....

Today's weight: 171.8 Whoo hoo!

I was able to squeeze into one pair of my jeans, hooray!

Dinner which is simmering: Leftovers cobbled together -- pork chop sliced up into the remaining sauce (there's a lot of meat in there now), rice, fresh asparagus, and baked perogis.

This weekend I groused that the pears I bought LAST weekend still weren't ripe, and then today, WHAM. They are. And tasty pears, too!

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

This morning I saw a flock of ducks or geese or something in formation, flying high and far away, but very clear on the pre-dawn sky. Very nifty! And coming home I saw a hawk or an eagle, "making lazy circles in the sky."

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