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My, I'm posting a lot this year

This morning the house smelled like bacon. I'm not sure why, no one was cooking bacon. At least bacon is a pleasant smell… mmmm, bacon.

I was rocked to my foundation that, in his last 15 days in office, George Bush has done something of which I not only approve, but applaud him for. *is shocked* (Of course, my cynicism regarding said Bush tells me he's only doing it to preserve his shoddy "legacy," but still, preservation of the oceans is preservation. I just wish he'd done so on land…)

Today's calendar entry:

"shamocrat": One who pretends to be possessed of wealth, influence, rank, or indeed any quality which is only conspicuous by its absence. -- John Farmer's Americanisms Old and New, 1889

Death of 'Emperor' Joshua Norton (c. 1815-1880), an eccentric San Franciscan who corresponded with Queen Victoria and became known as "His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton." His portrayal of royalty--which included a plumed top hat, pseudomilitary getup, and a sword he brandished for effect--earned him a reputation for lunacy. But he received the royal treatment in San Francisco and even had currency bearing his name issued which was accepted in his favorite saloons and eateries. In the mid-1850s he bankrupted himself buying up existing rice supplies in an attempt to corner the market. In 1859 he appointed himself emperor--first of California and later of the United States--before "ordering" the dissolution of Congress. He was also the first to decree that San Francisco not be called "Frisco." Norton died on the streets, largely abandoned by his former friends and business associates. But shamocrat or not, 30,000 people attended his funeral. The "king" in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn was reportedly modeled after him.

Why is it I remember books I read as a child/young adult I can remember clearly yet books I read last year are completely gone from my memory? (I know the answer to this in theory, but it just doesn't seem fair. I'll have to spend the rest of my life reading the last ten books I just read…)

Another good meal - I took some leftover browned ground meat and layered it into a casserole with a can of ranch beans, a can of diced tomatoes, and arboreo rice made with broth rather than butter. It came out very well. Eaten with peas & onions and the last of the salad. When we were coming back from California we stopped at Hadley (Southwestern folks know of Hadley as the Home of the Dates - it was a shocker to find it was no longer the only building visible for miles, but instead suddenly in the middle of a little town), I picked up a little bottle of perhaps the tastiest vinegar I've ever mixed with olive oil for a salad - it's late harvest Reisling vinegar, and it's just lovely on a salad. I have to see if I can find it a little closer to home.

My arm really freaking hurts today. And I think I notice that, despite it being my right arm, the muscle is not as defined as my left arm. I suppose I really ought to see a doctor when I have the money to pay one...

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