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The Seventh Day of January

There is nothing for me to do here today. I wish I DID have some vacation time. *twiddling thumbs* And I can't even get ON LJ, because it's one of the things blocked by our firewall, so I type this in Outlook to send home to myself to post later. One of the gals in my office has this silly desk calendar that shouts stuff at you when you change the date. It's annoyingly cute. I like it.

My desk calendar is "Forgotten Words." I present some scans of the last few days:

This one astounded me, that whole "don't marry foreigners" thing...

Someone on my friend's list is posting from the future, because the first post I saw this morning at about 6:23 was from after 12:23 am tomorrow. Is Australia THAT far ahead of us? (I guess it is, but WOW.)

Tomorrow is Elvis's birthday. He would have been 74. Celebrations are happening at Graceland, where I would like to go again sometime. Trapped in the 70's (time stopped when he died), it's desperately kitschy but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Besides, now I could get a picture at the gates at something less than Gigantic Size (which I was the year we went).

It is so cold in my office I was wearing my coat today. And when the temperature outside is hovering in the 50's, I don't see why the indoor air has to be on.

And now I'm home, posting after making a nice dinner of pasta with meat sauce and salad. A little heavy on the calories but home-made and full of good vitamins. I've gotten in a workout every morning this week thus far (knock wood), and the only thing I really need to do is get some more sleep!


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