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We Solder On

I had been all set to post something deep and significant and then I thought, "Oh, I was going to make some new icons," so I went to do that, and the next thing I know it's getting late and I've forgotten most of what I was going to post about.

Yesterday when I got to my gym, I was surprised (and so were many others) to find they'd gotten all new equipment -- and LOTS of it. Fancy new stuff. Which I thought was a little suspicious since I'd heard that they were one of the companies in trouble and I was seriously wondering if I needed to get a new gym. Well, this morning as I was using some of this new equipment, I noted that it seemed much older than it first appeared -- the foot rests were worn, and some of them had your standard parts broken, and I realized that it was much more likely that, rather than NEW, this stuff all came from the locations out in Mesa and Chandler that closed...!

A shame they couldn't get a pool or anything.

Craig Ferguson will be in Mesa on January 10 and I can't afford to go. *sad*

No one gave me tickets to The Lion King.

I wasted my whole evening making icons instead of writing.

My cats are dissatisfied. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Click my dragons.

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