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Sunday, still welcoming the Year of Newness

It occurred to me the other day that if Americans still celebrated Christmas properly, instead of starting in August, today is the eleventh day of Christmas, and the Feast of Epiphany on Tuesday. One of the girls in my office is Eastern Orthodox, and she hasn't been able to eat anything with meat, milk, or any dairy the entire season, with the fast ending, of course, with said feast. Instead of being tired of Christmas and having boxed everything up and put it away already, it would just be winding down.

I didn't plan to, but I ended up spending today cleaning up in the office here, because it was turning more into an attic than anything else. I wish I could figure out how to make this computer fit in Willie's old case, because PART of what I don't like about this one is the case, which is snazzy looking but hard to open and because of the curved front it's hard to seat new drives (which is why I opted for the DVD drive instead of the CD burner, but I may have to salvage the CD burner from Willie, too, since it seems I need it). I need to also back up my music folders again to the external drive, since I've added a lot of files lately. I suppose what I ought to do is program iTunes to automatically use the external drive, 'cause then I could move it between computers easily (theoretically).

As I recall, the main reason I stopped using the desktop is because Tivo is in the living room, so most of my stuff from the last year is now on the laptop...

Anyway, I do wish cats would barf where it can be seen, so you don't discover quite so much of it when you move things you haven't moved in a while...

Now it's time for a new desk and filing cabinet in HERE.

Much junk has been cleared out and tossed, many things cleaned, two boxes ready for Goodwill. Because of Barb's new desk, we have recycling material for at least three weeks' worth of pickups (last week the smallest box went out; but the bin is full of regular stuff and the two BIG boxes are still out there).

Still have a lot to do, though. The de-junking process is very hard...

Putting Die Hard with a Vengeance on television forces writers to be MUCH more creative with their insults than they were originally. I'm fairly certain Zeus did not just call John McClane a "melonhead."
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