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And now a Brand New Year

Whew. Everyone else is so organized, posting awesome lists of stuff written, books read, things done in the past year, and I can barely remember what I did yesterday (mostly laze around once the Christmas decorations were down).

As usual, I have forgotten the deeply poignant and important thought I had earlier that I was going to post. *sigh* No wonder I don't know what I did this year.

I think my only significant accomplishment was not only finishing NaNoWriMo, but writing something I think is worthwhile, that I want to take a lot further. In preparing for same, I have been reading (and in some cases re-reading) a lot of my Billy the Kid books, including one I bought and never got around to reading, and the new one that carried me to Orlando and back (to read when my computer was out of reach). The only thing I'm not content with is the title, "The Long Way Home," which is sort of accurate to the story but it's also a Dwight Yoakam song and I do enough stealing of song titles for my titles...

Said books: The Endless Ride by Michael Wallis and Inventing Billy the Kid by Stephen Tatum. I've also read a number of the Doctor Who books (mostly the Doctor Ten/Martha ones, although some Doctor Eight novels, as well), finished the first three Unfortunate Events books (leading me to appreciate anew that, writing problems aside, at least adults were intelligent and competent in J.K. Rowling's world). Maybe this year I'll keep a list of books so I can see if there's any actual progress in the way of reading for me...

I also got married this year. Take that, state of Arizona (and all the rest of 'em). I has a marriage license.

I discovered that cruises are the Best Vacation Ever. (And then ask myself, would it have been quite as awesome if the cruise director hadn't been Sean Patrick in disguise? Yeah, I think so. That was just icing on the cake.)

I got my Certificate in General Insurance.

I actually gained back weight for the first time since I initially started losing, back in 2002. (Most of it has come in the last month, since... the cruise {see above}.)

Resolutions? Other than getting back to working out regularly, nothing much; just doing what I should be doing (eating right, working out, SUBMITTING MY MANUSCRIPT, etc.).

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

Things I ought to do immediately:

1) Oil/filter change -- I have been putting this off; the three-month deadline passed some time ago and I thought, "well, I have until 224,000 miles," but THAT passed several weeks ago. Oops.

2) Probably shocks and/or suspension. There is a strange and ominous creaking from the undercarriage when I slow down, speed up, or get out of the truck.

Things I want sooner or later:

1) Four-channel Tivo (and figure out if I can use Tivo in two rooms, and how much that would cost, moving the old one into the other room).

2) A new computer, one with all the stuff I want (including the brain behind the fingers operating it, argh) -- I miss old Willie, my previous desktop, which had all the things on it I needed all in one place, and I understood how to operate him, how to update my web page (which hasn't been done since Willie stopped working), and everything else. *sigh* Why must technology move so quickly?

3) A new iPod, to replace Iggy, who now only holds a charge for about three or four hours. I don't want a Shuffle or a Touch, I want an iPod classic, since they don't make the Mini any more.

And maybe someday a Blu-Ray player.

We are almost finished with the era of Bush, for which I humbly apologize to the rest of the world. May the next year -- and era -- be a danged sight better (it sure can't be worse!).

I still can't remember what I wanted to say, and that after piddling around here writing this post for an hour and a half (with a break for dinner). *sigh*

Finally saw Prince Caspian. Liked some of the changes. Was dubious about others (a large portion of the middle was basically re-written for the screen), but expected them to make it a more action-filled movie (because Prince Caspian does involve a lot of walking, arguing, and walking). And it was good enough that I am sorry Disney's decided to pull the plug on them and not make Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which, quite frankly, is probably the book in the series best suited to being made into a movie outside of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

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