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Another ep of "Angel" down, far too few to go

Well, rahirah pretty much said most of what I've thought, although I have a few thoughts of my own...

The whole Wes/Fred thing. I can't help but think, as I ponder this, that Joss is doing it to us again. He's heard all the "get these two together!" shouting and hollering from the fans (and, I guess, ignoring those of us begging for just the opposite) and said, "Okay... if that's what you want!" because 'shippers invariably forget that to be in a relationship in the Jossverse usually means Someone Is Doomed. Right from the start -- Buffy & Angel, Buffy & Riley, Buffy & Spike/Willow & Xander, Willow & Oz, Willow & Tara (I could add Willow & Kennedy -- just because the story stopped before we saw the inevitable destruction doesn't mean it wasn't there ready to happen)/Xander & Willow, Xander & Cordy, Xander & Anya/Spike & Dru/Angel & Darla, Angel & Cordy/Wes & Virginia/Gunn & Fred (although in these last two cases, their breakups were one of the most cordial and unhorrific)/Wes & Lilah... Notice the pattern? Joss probably figured, he had this whole Fred thing coming up, so, what the hey. Let Wes have a few moments of "perfect happiness" before the other shoe drops. Heh heh heh.

Are you telling me that in 140+ years (or, more accurately, since the advent of fast jet travel) these vampires have never flown in an airplane?!? Ye gods.

On another topic dear to my heart, yay, Rosie O'Donnell and her long-time partner got married today in San Francisco! Geez, I wish we had the money to hop a plane to SF, even if good ol' AZ won't recognize that little piece o'paper...
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