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On the 7th Day of Happiness, the Bluebird gave to me

Today was a generally happy day.

I got up and got in a workout. I came back home, dressed, fed the cats (no barf, knock wood), and checked out the Basha's nearest us on the way to work (the traffic was way worse going that way). No luck there. Work was good. We went caroling! We sang carols for each unit in our department and it was fun! Of course, if I'd REMEMBERED today was caroling, I wouldn't have worn those burgundy velvet wedges some folk may remember I splurged on (they go very well with a pair of burgundy stretch pants I found at Goodwill). My feet still aren't used to wearing heels. But it was nice. I got all my work done and started to get organized for the next two work days (Wednesday and Friday), when we will be missing about half of our unit.

I took some time at lunch and called the nearest Trader Joe's to us and found that the store in Paradise Valley still had plenty of Mondoro Asti. So since I got off early today, I shot up there and picked up some! Yay! For the record, this Trader Joe's DOES seem larger than ours down at Town & Country; however, it does have the parking problems that friends in the Los Angeles area noted about their Trader Joe's. And it doesn't help that they share their lot with a Whole Foods. But I got in and got out without too much trouble (despite a LOT more traffic than I expected at 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon), and I have my favorite champagne (sparkling wine) for New Year's. I would like to go up there again when I have some money and time to browse, to see what all they have different (if anything).

I'm also completely broke now. But that's happy-making!

This morning the announcer on NPR said, "Today is Wednesday, December 23," and I thought "But it can't be Wednesday! Did I sleep through Tuesday?" But the date was right. I didn't hear if they corrected themselves later.

I can't make a CD for queenofattiola because there is no CD burner on my desktop, and my laptop does not have my music files (nor does it have the space for same). Phoo.

Most barfed-on items have been washed, except the quilt that needs dry-cleaning.

BTW, Happy Solstice and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate same!

The scale works. Judging by my fully-clothed afternoon weight, I really HAVEN'T gained that much (still about those same 4-5 pounds), I've just gotten flabby. Getting back to working out should help with that.

The high in Phoenix didn't break 60 today (56 F). And all due respect to those of you in the snow, that really is cold to us. It's been rainy and dark and drizzly, and while it's clear NOW, it's still cold!

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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